On 09/07/2011 03:50 PM, Paul Waring wrote:
> I'm having trouble with a PHP website which requires users to be logged
> in to access all content other than the home page and a couple of static
> pages (about us, contact us etc.). Several users have said they are
> being logged out every few minutes whilst using the site - they can
> login but will be shown the login form again after a few minutes. I
> can't confirm this myself as the site seems to work fine for me - even
> using the same browser as they are and under their accounts - but I'm
> wondering if this could be a problem with the session settings?

You have set gc_maxlifetime to 3600 seconds. How much expire time have
you set?
Because, every 3600 seconds, session data stored is considered as
garbage and php clears them out itself.

If your expiration time is more than 3600 seconds, then this will not
work. You need to increase gc_maxlifetime.

For the other case, I'm clueless.

Nilesh Govindarajan

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