On 7 September 2011 11:20, Paul Waring <p...@phpdeveloper.org.uk> wrote:
> I'm having trouble with a PHP website which requires users to be logged in
> to access all content other than the home page and a couple of static pages
> (about us, contact us etc.). Several users have said they are being logged
> out every few minutes whilst using the site - they can login but will be
> shown the login form again after a few minutes. I can't confirm this myself
> as the site seems to work fine for me - even using the same browser as they
> are and under their accounts - but I'm wondering if this could be a problem
> with the session settings?
> The current settings I have are:
> session.auto_start      Off
> session.bug_compat_42   On
> session.bug_compat_warn On
> session.cache_expire    180
> session.cache_limiter   nocache
> session.cookie_domain   no value
> session.cookie_httponly Off
> session.cookie_lifetime 0
> session.cookie_path     /
> session.cookie_secure   Off
> session.entropy_file    no value
> session.entropy_length  0
> session.gc_divisor      100
> session.gc_maxlifetime  3600
> session.gc_probability  1
> session.hash_bits_per_character 4
> session.hash_function   0
> session.name    PHPSESSID
> session.referer_check   no value
> session.save_handler    files
> session.save_path       /shared/sessions
> session.serialize_handler       php
> session.use_cookies     On
> session.use_only_cookies        Off
> session.use_trans_sid   0
> The only options I have changed from the defaults are gc_maxlifetime,
> gc_probability and save_path. There are several sites on the same server,
> some are https, others just plain http. They all use the same session
> options. session_start() is called once on every page.
> The PHP version we're running is: PHP 5.2.6-1+lenny13 with Suhosin-Patch
> (cli) (built: Jul  1 2011 16:01:01). I'm aware it's an old version
> before anyone tells me to upgrade (it's the latest stable version in Debian
> Lenny). :)
> Potential problems I have already ruled out:
> 1. I don't think it's a browser problem as the users have a variety of
> browsers and versions (we log the user agent for each login, they're mostly
> IE7/8 on XP/Vista/7 with a few Chrome users), and I can't reproduce the
> problem using the same browsers on my machine.
> 2. The server time is correct.
> 3. The sessions aren't stored in a directory which is being regularly
> cleared out, such as /var/lib/php5 or /tmp.
> 4. The web server has permission to write to the save_path directory, and I
> can see session files being created.
> 5. No output buffering functions are being used.
> Can anyone suggest things which I could try? I cannot work out why this
> problem is happening for some users but not me.
> Thanks in advance.
> Paul

How do you handle multiple logins?

If I login using my laptop and get Session A for my account and then I
login using my desktop and get Session B for my account, does Session
A get killed?

Do you allow multiple, simultaneous logins per account?

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