Hello all you php coders out there,

I'm doing an Open Source text editor (just a hobby) that's designed for PHP developers and is accessible through the web. This has been stewing for a while, and has gotten to the point where I can use it for my own work. I would like any feedback on things that people really like/dislike about their current editors, as I believe some of these things could be resolved in mine.

I currently have username/password protection (with Salted-Hash passwords), a file-system browser, file loading/saving, and syntax highlighting -- and these things seem to work reasonably well. As well, most things about the editor are scriptable with JavaScript. This would seem to imply that in a few weeks I would have something useful. So I would like to get some feedback on what features people would most want, since I am still at a very flexible stage in development.

If you would like to see what I have, you can go to un1tware.wordpress.com. You can also peruse the code at github.com/bhus/scriptr. In particular, the README on github gives a little bit better rationality for why something like this might be useful, and how things are currently structured.


[ Yes, this is based on the layout of Linus' original post to comp.os.minix. ]

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