+1 on terminal.

For gui-based ones, i like to be able to syntax check my code and run it
from within the editor window, tabs for dozens of files i usually have open
at once, highlight that supports many languages as i can be working on many
at once (php, css, js, ruby, python, C, lua, sql, for the ones i have open
in geany atm), shortcuts are essential for things like find or replace in a
selected area or what have you, regex support in search, and something that
can be themed with white on black.

For web-based ones, i never want to have to physically press anything to
save my work, and i expect it to be within a few words if i just closed the
browser and came back. It can't use any more resources than a usual web-page
and has to be responsive.

For other features to think about, built in version control system, ability
to sync with github or really any cvs/svn/git repo, diff tool integrated
into the editor, collaboration.

Essential 1: utmost security, if they pwn your servers, they should not be
able to have my data, this means that some part of what i pass to you in my
credentials needs to not even reside on your servers (for example you can
use the salted hash to check my the password, but the clear text version is
still needed to decrypt that user's data store) and for the ultra paranoid,
i should be able to further protect my data store with another password the
hash for which you don't store, but rather store the md5 of the hash.
Essential 2: reliability, i would like to be in an N+N+1 where the service
and my data are both highly available without performance degradation when
one of the services/servers goes kablewey (technical term)


The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is
doing until it’s too late.  ~Seymour Cray

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Robert Cummings <rob...@interjinn.com>wrote:

> On 11-09-13 03:56 PM, Brad Huskins wrote:
>> Hello all you php coders out there,
>> I'm doing an Open Source text editor (just a hobby) that's designed for
>> PHP developers and is accessible through the web. This has been stewing
>> for a while, and has gotten to the point where I can use it for my own
>> work. I would like any feedback on things that people really
>> like/dislike about their current editors, as I believe some of these
>> things could be resolved in mine.
>> I currently have username/password protection (with Salted-Hash
>> passwords), a file-system browser, file loading/saving, and syntax
>> highlighting -- and these things seem to work reasonably well. As well,
>> most things about the editor are scriptable with JavaScript. This would
>> seem to imply that in a few weeks I would have something useful. So I
>> would like to get some feedback on what features people would most want,
>> since I am still at a very flexible stage in development.
>> If you would like to see what I have, you can go to
>> un1tware.wordpress.com. You can also peruse the code at
>> github.com/bhus/scriptr. In particular, the README on github gives a
>> little bit better rationality for why something like this might be
>> useful, and how things are currently structured.
> I'm a big fan of editors that work in the terminal.
> Cheers,
> Rob.
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