Hello all you PHP devs,

I'm building an Open Source text editor accessible through the web. It 
has been brewing for a while in one form or another. But I think I 
finally have something solid to build on. I would like some feedback on 
things people like/dislike about their current editors.

I currently have a basic system working with a login, file browser, 
ability to load/save files and syntax highlighting working. All 
keystrokes are sent through a client-side JavaScript API built on JQuery. 
This would seem to imply that something usable is not more than a few 
weeks away, so I figured I would get some input now while things are 
still quite flexible. All suggestions are welcome, though not all will be 

If you want, you can visit the web site for the project at 
un1tware.wordpress.com. There's a link to a video demo, as well as a the 
current version of the source code to try out.

As well, the project can be found at github.com/bhus/scriptr. I have 
tried to make the README readable and yet comprehensive.


[And yes, this message is modeled after Linus' original post to 

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