On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:51 AM, Marco Lanzotti <ma...@lanzotti.com> wrote:
> Il 13/09/2011 21:56, Brad Huskins ha scritto:
>> So I would like to get some feedback on what features people would
>> most want, since I am still at a very flexible stage in development.

I wouldn't want a text editor. I'd want an IDE.

debugging - runtime control, watches, breakpoints, call stack, etc
syntax highlighting
project level intelligence (Ctrl+Click on usage of a function,
variable, class, etc takes you to the definition, as ONE example)
phpdoc, javadoc, etc auto-completion and referencing
function/parameter hinting
integration with Git
task list generated from customizable keyword comments like TODO
multiple coding languages (PHP, CSS, Javascript, HTML, SQL, etc, etc)
find and replace within selection, file, files, directories, etc.
(with regex too)
FAST (unlike Dreambeaver)

Netbeans and Eclipse have all/many of these features.

I started out with Notepad++. It's a text editor trying really really
hard to be an IDE.

I mostly use Netbeans. But in the future I will primarily use Eclipse
as I do more work in Java, Android, and Python.

Love the IDE for projects. Never going back.

I still use Notepad++ for editing config files.

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