Hi gang:

I need information to convince administrators in "management" that PHP is a 
viable subject that should be taught in college with credits going toward a 
Degree or Certification.

You see, I am pushing for a Web Development Certification program that would 
include PHP/MySQL as well as several other Web Languages (i.e., html, css, 
javascript, ajax).

Currently the college teaches ASP in a regular course toward a IT 
Certification, but class attendance has dropped considerably -- no one wants to 
take the course.

However, My PHP class has been maxed out. But my class is a "special topic" 
class and not part of the regular coursework that would go towards a Degree or 
Certification -- and that's where I would like this to go.

As such, I need information regarding how wide-spread PHP is (i.e., number of 
installations), who's using it (i.e., companies, organizations), and how it 
compares with other Web Languages (i.e., ASP, Ruby, etc.).

So, what say you? References will work.




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