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> On 2011-09-20, at 12:05 AM, Tommy Pham <tommy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > ASP? Not ASP.NET? Wow... I haven't any new sites deployed in ASP in
> almost
> > 10 years.  IIRC, ASP is nothing more but bunch of spaghetti codes and no
> > OOP.  That's why attendance/registration is so low.  Only main web
> (server
> > side) development languages are ASP.NET (C#), Java, and PHP (listed as
> > alphabetical order - not based on demand/popularity).  You'd probably say
> > Perl and/or Python too.  IMO, best way to convince the administration is
> job
> > search for "ASP under IT category" and show them the results vs search
> for
> > PHP ;)  No need for long explanations and comparisons since the point of
> > having students certified is that they could get a job quickly.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > Tommy
> Ha, tommy,
> My workplace app is classic asp and it sucks! I'll let you decide which
> sucks ;-).
> It's over 1300 files, and spaghetti isn't the word. It's failure points are
> so many that the pen test tools used created reports of 3000 pages.
> I have been pushing to move to php for years but the geniuses at the top
> told me that php was a 'hobbiest language'. Note this same person told me
> that we were moving to c# because it had the most examples on the msdn
> network pages. ( yes, I know it's an account setting in the msdn network :-)
> )
> Bastien

You can tell those 'geniuses' that IBM, a 40 year old 500 pound gorilla that
started the PC industry, doesn't think so.  Google 'IBM PHP' shows
99,500,000 results.  The first link
http://www.ibm.com/systems/i/software/php/index.html shows how their systems
run PHP.

*"Open to Innovation*
Are you looking to develop or deploy Web applications? PHP, the leading
scripting language for Web applications, provides an open and easy to use
alternative and gives you access to thousands of open source applications
and scripts.

Thousands of IBM i customers around the world have downloaded Zend’s PHP
products for i for a wide variety of web application development and
deployment initiatives."

".. i ..." refers to their i series servers.  Also, ask them what does IBM
stand for and why would a company with that name supports PHP strongly.

And if that doesn't open their mind up, ask them of what they think about
Oracle.  Then Google "Oracle PHP", showing 199,000,000 results, and let them
think if it's still a "hobbyist language".  Oracle, another almost 40 year
old 500 pound gorilla, started the commercial RDBMS industry.  The examples
can go on and on... ;)



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