I don't know about external facing and 'most web sites use SharePoint' but
SharePoint is mainly used in conjunction with other midsize/enterprise MS
applications such as Exchange, SQLServer and other MS products, including
SSO integration with Active Directory.  I've yet to see it used as
standalone with only MS SQLServer.  If you want to use a CMS without having
the need to use any other enterprise, or midsize, MS apps, it's expensive to
deploy as you'll need to deploy on Windows.  On top of that, the recent
version Foundation 2010 is a PAIN IN THE *SS to deploy and maintain with any
SQL Express version.  Don't even think about developing it further on the
Foundation 2010.  Buying MS SQLServer just for the sake of SharePoint only
is not worthwhile as that cost is even higher.  Furthermore, SharePoint
2010, even the free version Foundation, is very hardware demanding.  Simply
put, if your company currently using any MS products, Exchange, SQLServer,
etc. and is midsize+, then it maybe justifiable to use SharePoint, not just
the free version.  Else, if you just need a CMS that's the lowest TCO and
easier to maintain, stick w/ PHP and Open Source, IMO.


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