Jamie Krasnoo wrote:
My question isn't whether Doctrine is a part*of*  that framework but
rather on*what*  and*when*  it is appropriate to*use*  or*substitute*
something like Doctrine instead of using straight pdo or mysqli or the
abstract that came with that particular framework. Substituting
Doctrine or some other abstract could complicate a project rather than

The first question is probably "do you need cross database operation?" If the answer is no, then there is little point moving to an abstraction layer, you are better sticking with your database of choice ...

If the requirement is to allow cross database working, then one needs to address the SQL as well as the simple data stuff which PDO attempt. I've been using ADOdb for a long time now and have also successfully moved projects TO that when wanting to allow them to work with my own preferred database. It successfully maps many SQL differences and tidies up those problems.

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