OK, I can see 'PHP for Android' which seems to have stalled, and I've been playing with other options, but I'm not currently happy with any of this 'mobile' stuff.

The 'problem' is quite simple ... While mobile broadband might work in some quite limited areas of the UK - like in bigger towns - it's reliability even in smaller towns is simply getting worse! So a number of my customers have been asking me to provide a backup system which is working fine on laptops, but these are a little cumbersome when the guys have to work away from the vehicles. Tablets via broadband work ... while one can get a signal ... and in many areas around here even getting a PHONE signal depends on where you stand ... so I need a working local PHP setup which can take over and provided things like access codes and the like while out of range, and update the main database when back in range.

Android, mobile windows and the like currently seem very restrictive when it comes to this type of development, so has anybody got any ideas on how to proceed? I though that Android was essentially a strangled version of Linux, so it should be able to run any Linux application?

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