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>Bastien wrote:
>> Depending in what has to be done, could you use HTML5 with local
>storage and sync back up later?
>The whole database is small enough to fit in 100Mb but needs Firebird
>to access
>it via PHP.
>> AFAIK android runs java programs using a custom JVM.  So any app on
>those devices will need to run in java. Not sure that you couldn't port
>the php engine to that, and it would be an interesting task.
>That is the bit I'm wanting to do I think, I have no plans to rewrite 5
>worth of PHP into Java ;)
>It all runs quite happily on a laptop and syncs back when internet is
>again, so I may simply have to put a decent Linux distribution on the
>tablet ...
>and then there isn't a problem ...
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As the op noted, there is php for android, which I run on my phone. It doesn't 
have the full capabilities but the base stuff seems to be there. It runs quite 
well in fact.

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