> Is there something wrong with the PHP.net manual?  Or you just want
> something physical to be able read any where and stay unplugged?  If the
> latter and there's nothing wrong with the official manual, try downloading
> the chm or single html file and print as you go.  No need to lug around
> thick that manual/reference ;)
> Regards,
> Tommy

I'm not the original poster, but I have a response to this:

I didn't find that there was anything wrong with the PHP.net manual,
except that it wasn't a book about learning to program.  It's a
fantastic reference guide;  if I can't remember what order the inputs
to that one function go in, it's my first resort.  But I prefer to
read paper for learning theory, and I find it more useful to flip
through pages trying to find something I half remember than to click
through links.  Put simply, I like to learn the basics from books
rather than web pages.


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