"Seb Frost" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi everyone, this is my first ever post on the list so please be gentle
> me ;-)
> OK I want to put a database on my website.  Up until yesterday my
> of databases was having created a very simple one when I was about 15 for
> GCSE IT.  Don't ask how, but I've always avoided them, learning c++ and
> the rest of it instead.  SO, I'm pretty computer literate, but know
> about databases.
> SO I'm told I should use PHP and MySQL.  Been learning PHP for the last
> or so, seems easy enough (so far!)
> But I'm confused.
> 1) Is MySQL just a set of instructions for querying a database or is it an
> actual format for storing a database.  Somehting I read suggested that
> should be used to access Acess DB's - wtf?

mysql is a database management system that is relational to a certain extent
(no flames).
php has an abstraction layer that allows php to interface directly with
mysql (and other 'better' databases such as postgresql) via a port (5432 in
the case of postgresql).
drop access from your mind altogether. you simply don't need to use it if
you use mysql.

> 2) OK so I can see how the mysql instructions will get data from a
> but how do I create the little bastard in the first place?  SHOULD I be
> using something like access?  It makes no sense to me!

get mysql and install it. then get a front end editor like mysql-front or
pg_admin for mysql.
you can either use the front end to create your database or do it via the
command line using SQL.

> Sorry for the dumb questions, but I need soem dumb answers!  It seems
> everything about MySQL on the web is directed at people who have used
> databases extensively.

to be hones that's true to a certain extent but i always thought of mysql
being the access of open source dbs (just to cnfuse you further!!!) but it
certainly isn't the case. not as robust as postgresql for 100's of
concurrent users but feature rich and easy to use.

time to jump off the micro$oft bandwaggon - you'll never look back !!

> thanks everyone,
> - seb

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