Hi everyone, this is my first ever post on the list so please be gentle with
me ;-)

OK I want to put a database on my website.  Up until yesterday my knowledge
of databases was having created a very simple one when I was about 15 for
GCSE IT.  Don't ask how, but I've always avoided them, learning c++ and all
the rest of it instead.  SO, I'm pretty computer literate, but know nothing
about databases.

SO I'm told I should use PHP and MySQL.  Been learning PHP for the last day
or so, seems easy enough (so far!)

But I'm confused.

1) Is MySQL just a set of instructions for querying a database or is it an
actual format for storing a database.  Somehting I read suggested that MySQL
should be used to access Acess DB's - wtf?

2) OK so I can see how the mysql instructions will get data from a database
but how do I create the little bastard in the first place?  SHOULD I be
using something like access?  It makes no sense to me!

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I need soem dumb answers!  It seems
everything about MySQL on the web is directed at people who have used
databases extensively.

thanks everyone,

- seb

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