Can you please tell me if there's already a set of PHP functions for
translating SSI commands to PHP?
I'm looking to do two things -- one difficult, one easy -- using PHP
on a hosted server.

My client has web pages that use Server Side Includes, and one
sub-site that uses PHP. The task is to make the PHP sub-site use the
same SSI includes as the rest of the site to maintain a consistent
code structure. I can simply use include_once() to include each SSI
include; that works fine. However, I'd like to recognize and replace
one of the SSI instructions with a more nuanced PHP instruction that
will insert dynamic information from the sub-site's environment.
 1. include SSI files A
 2. include SSI file B, Recognize B and replace it with some PHP code
 3. include SSI file C
and i can't actually do that b/c PHP gets run first and then SSI instructions.

So the difficult thing I want to do is to read the SSI files
(literally, using fread or similar), translate them to PHP ('include
virtual' --> include(), set var="foo" value="bar" --> var foo = bar,
etc), and then execute them.

Then the simple thing I want to do will be recognizing the commands I
want to replace or modify and doing so.

Since this is a hosted solution, I don't believe I can install any PHP
modules, and I'll have to use some functions instead. Does that
already exist, please?

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