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> Tedd,
> The crucial detail you're lookign for is my lack of choice or control
> in the matter, for all sorts of reasons that are actually quite stupid
> but not possible for *me* to change, and not possible for anyone else
> to change quickly. Thus I am looking for a solution to the problem at
> hand, instead of a suggestion for what the entire org should be doing
> instead. I know what they should be doing instead, but that's not my
> decision. It's not like I'm building a new website this way; I'm
> trying to move forwards with an existing and large website. The more
> different code-bases we have for different parts of the site, the
> harder it will be to actually change to something else (PHP-based, I
> pray).
At the time when I was working with ASP and SSI, I suggested my client to
better rewrite the application in OOP language then do patchworks.  But he
_insisted_ on keeping existing code base.  So I did patchworks here and
there.  It got to the point where he finally wanted some additional features
much later that it was impossible to do with ASP and SSI.  It was then that
he finally decided to go with my suggestions, which is months later.  During
that time, I could have easily rewritten the application in PHP.  That's why
I suggested you to consider the site's function and features.  It maybe just
one thing that the client/boss wants now, then another, and another...
etc...  Eventually, you're going to through the same thing I did.

Good luck,

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