> i want to learn php and i do not know much and my english is also
> limited.isthere anyone who can explain me php by most simple
> example,like explainig to
> a child,something like this:if you put "this" symbol or writing, in your php
> script,when someone open this page,will see this message"long time not see"
> .
> at the moment ,i am scared of terms used by professionals.
> thnks,for many this could a stupid but this is what i am facing.
> thanks.


PHP is so widely used that by now there are tutorials that speak to every level 
of understanding and in so many possible tones, in many languages too.  When 
you ask someone to "explain PHP to you", in english anyway, that is too broad a 
request to get much specific help.   You are just going to have start at the 
beginning and learn the basics first.  Try to find a tutorial that teaches the 
basics, as Lars said.  I am just adding here encouragement because when I 
looked for them, then I have found what I think you want - really gentle PHP 
tutorials that make it so easy to digest and learn from.  If you still felt 
overwhelmed, then perhaps another approach that might work for you is to 
somehow serve/give to someone who would take you on as a personal student, and 
teach you, step by step.  You can get that kind of help here, but to solicit 
that, you have to *break your requests down to very small and specific things* 
that you want to know.   No one can answer "explain PHP to you" in less than 
consecutive days/weeks/months.

Here is my starter tutorial for you, based on what you asked:

PHP is software that runs on a server computer.  
When someone goes to a webpage then their browser (like Internet Explorer, of 
Firefox, etc.) effectively asks the server to hand over a webpage to the 
browser.  But if the designer of that webpage used PHP to build the webpage, 
then before the server hands over the webpage to the browser, it first sends 
the page to the PHP software.  PHP looks in the code of the page for things it 
is supposed to do.  There are so so many things you can make PHP do with the 
PHP code you (as the designer) write and put in the webpage.  One thing you 
will do often is use PHP code to make values appear in the page that are 
"dynamic", meaning things that change, depending on variables.  Like maybe you 
want to show the date to the end user (the browser).  Well you can't just put 
the date in your webpage with only text/HTML, because then you would have to 
change the webpage code every day for it to be accurate.  And even then that 
would not work because depending on the time zone of the user it might already 
be a different day.  So you just use one of the many many hundreds of PHP 
constructs (bits/lines of PHP code that you can write) which will give the 

Like this in the webpage code:

echo date('r');

...will output this on the page in the browser:
"Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:28:31 -0400"

Good luck,
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