Yes - but - we're talking about a user-app that the OP is trying to provide 
89M records to.  Sure - "some" users might have need of looking at even as 
much as a million records IF they were researching something that needed it. 
But - for the 'general' user of an app - I cannot see a need to be providing 
even that much data.  Think about it - you give the user 1M records, how 
long is that user going to page thru the results?  Let's say there are 20 
results on a page and it takes a mere (wow!) 2 seconds to scan thru them 
looking for something apparently very obvious.  That's 600 results viewed 
per minute at best.  Six hundred into a M is 1666 minutes which is 27+ 
hours.  Even at 1 second per page view time, it's still more time than in a 
normal work day.  And you want come up with a way to feed him 89M?

The problem needs to be looked at differently - put together a 
business-smart solution to finding the  needle in this haystack of  89M 
pieces of straw and only then apply technology to it.

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