On Oct 28, 2011, at 9:43 AM, Stuart Dallas wrote
> On 28 Oct 2011, at 12:54, Daniel Brown wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 05:03, Adam Richardson <simples...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Well, Daniel,
>>> I'll bet you never thought that your "Friday Distraction" would elicit such
>>> a broad range of responses AND keep the commentary coming right through to
>>> the next Friday.
>>> Nice :)
>>   This is nothing compared to how it used to be ~2007-08.  ;-P
> Ahh, the "good old days"!

To all:

To me -- these ARE the "good old days".

Even though the economy is in the dumpster, quantity of business is down, and 
clients are harder to please, this time has presented me with more enjoyable 
challenges than ~2007-8. Of course, this could be just me trying to keep 
current with technology while not realizing I am falling behind. But, it feels 
like things are better now -- sometimes ignorance is bliss. Strive to be happy.




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