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>> http://reflectionbeads.com/i/design-your-own
> That's a very interesting site. Surprising that it doesn't use a lick
> of PHP to do what it's doing, given what you wrote below.
How do you know that? Just to be argumentative, the entire thing could have 
been written in PHP -- remember PHP can write Javascript.

Additionally, I know that this company uses PHP/MySQL for their backend scripts 
-- because I've consulted for them.

> Well, okay, PHP is all that and a bag of chips, but it's not the ONLY
> player in this field. There are several languages that can do all that
> PHP does, some more elligantly, others less so. But really, there is
> *no* functionality in PHP that I haven't been able to also accomplish
> in Ruby, Perl, C++, or Java. Not that I would necessarily pick those
> languages over PHP for any given job.

Perhaps, but I KNOW it can be done in PHP and means something to me.

In addition, elegance is found in the skill of the programmer. Crap can be 
written in any language.

> As for having PHP part of an IT cirriculum, I say RIGHT ON. A lot of
> these students will be going off to doing things where they may be
> asked to put together a web site for someone, and not knowing the
> tools is going to be painful. There are so many people out there
> hacking away at PHP and web sites that are doing a terrible job of it
> having seen some GAWDAWFUL PHP in my day -- which is one thing PHP 
> more prone to than some of those other languages, by the way. But
> teaching them programming *skills* and *knowledge* rather than just
> how to rub two spoons together and swing a rubber chicken to get the
> server going again is a lot more useful to them.

"Spoons and Rubber Chickens" are better than some of the junk I've seen taught.

As I've told my students, "I can teach you the basics, but the real teacher is 
you behind the keyboard."



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