> Please try not to top post.

sorry, but I do not understand the expression (I am not native, as you
might have guessed). Do you mean not to include the email in my reply?
Sorry about that.

> To create a file, look into the fopen() function on php.net, which has plenty 
> of examples on how to create a file. Creating one with a new name to avoid 
> conflicts with other files on the system is a little more tricky, but it's 
> not too difficult.

I will look into that, thanks.

> What I asked in my earlier post though was whether you really need to create 
> a new HTML file from PHP or you just need to display the results to the user?

I really would like to create the file, if it is not too much trouble.
The user will not get to see the results until the file and contents
are checked.



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> Thanks,
> Ash
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