First, get another text editor.  Since you're in windows, choose either 
editplus, textpad, ultraedit32, homesite or some other one, a list can be 
seen here :

Although that's not a major deal.  More importantly (and actually related 
to the topic), you need a web server and PHP running somewhere, either your 
local computer or a web host.  The easiest way to install all of this 
locally to your computer is to install via a installation package, see :

PHPTriad and Nusphere are popular, some others too.  This is a good start.  
 Most likely you'll find yourself installing PHP, Apache, MySQL and some 
other stuff.  

If your scripts will not be on your local computer then you'll need a place 
to call home (a web host), check out :

Free PHP friendly web hosts :

Better yet, find one that costs money :

That should get you started :-)

Philip Olson
                                                     be outside the box.

Ali Yildirim wrote:

> Hi;
> I am just at the beginning process to php.
> My question is:
> I type in notepad my php code ok allright but where
> will I test this?
> I know this is so simple but you know I am new to this
> and ...
> Please help..
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