On 17 Nov 2011, at 23:24, Fredric L. Rice wrote:

>>> Consider this -- do you think the second before
>>> the "Big Bang" was negative or null?
>> I don't know. There's no point concerning ourselves
>> with unanswerable questions.
> The question itself is a logical absurdity since there was no time prior
> to the Big Bang. The advent of time began when the dimention we perceive
> as the passage of time froze out of folded reality during the expansion
> phases's symmertry breaking period, there is not only no answer to what
> happened before, even suggesting there *was* a before is not possible.

Therefore suggesting that time did not exist "before" is as daft as suggesting 
that the edges of the universe are being pulled away from us by a herd of randy 
sloths. The big bang theory is based on an analysis of the effects we can 
observe in the here and now, which is nowhere near proof that it's actually 
what happened. Especially not when you consider that the only thing I (or you) 
actually know is that I (or you) exist in some form, and everything else is a 
guess based on incredibly flimsy evidence!

> It's another nail in the coffin of deity constructors.

Not even slightly.

But none of this has anything even vaguely related to PHP.


Stuart Dallas
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