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> >> Consider this -- do you think the second before
> >> the "Big Bang" was negative or null?
> > I don't know. There's no point concerning ourselves
> > with unanswerable questions.
> The question itself is a logical absurdity since there was no time prior
> to the Big Bang. The advent of time began when the dimention we perceive
> as the passage of time froze out of folded reality during the expansion
> phases's symmertry breaking period, there is not only no answer to what
> happened before, even suggesting there *was* a before is not possible.
> It's another nail in the coffin of deity constructors.

And here I thought that "The Big Bang Theory" was a funny sitcom?  Damn...
where have I been all this time?   Maybe since I wasn't around to witness it
happening, it didn't really happen, and this is just my own reality, that
you guys happen to be a part of, in my subconscious?

Besides, are we not just all part of "The Matrix" ?   (what's even more
funny, is that I drive a Toyota Matrix... WEIRD!!!!)

Steven Staples
Web Application Programmer

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