Hi again,
is there a tutorial for the structure of an php-app?

There are more than enough books and online docs that teach the basics of PHP and of course the native mysql commands.

I'd now rather need a help to figure out how to pull up a wee bit more complex app. I know how to connect to a DB even though it might not be mysql. I can select stuff and dump it into a HTML table.
Actually I prefer PDO and PostgreSQL.

Is there a tutorial that teaches how to construct a app with a 2-column design.
E.g. a menue frame on the left and a bigger content area on the right.
So a click on a menue item would dynamically display a form or a list in the content area.
What is a good way to glue everthing together between login and logout.
I know cookies and sessions and I suspect those were a way to do it.
How would I integrate a template system like smarty?
It weren't bad if there were clues about AJAX, too.

I'm in search of a way to extend the knowledge about bricks, tubes and cables to the wisdom to actually build a house out of those things.

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