Bastien <> wrote:
> Why not download some and dig into them? Something from sourceforge or a cms 
> like pyrocms? See how they stuck it all together. 

This is not a bad idea at all. Learning from something concrete, how
they do things, looking into why they chose to do it that, etc. Don't
pick just one, though, as there are many examples to learn from. CMSes
(Drupal, Joomla), Wikis (Mediawiki, PmWiki), Blog software
(Wordpress). These all solve similar and different problems.

Also, I cannot stress Tommy's point about learning design patterns
enough. It isn't enough to be able to just cable together code, you have
to know the structures and architecture to building something that won't
fall down. Programming isn't something you learn in a weekend
project. It's also not something you learn just by reading a language
manual, even one as good as PHP's. No language manual is going to give
you any insight into deciding among the many options that are available.

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