On 12/02/2011 03:00 PM, Matt Neimeyer wrote:
> Is there (or is there a way to compile) a DOS CLI version of a fairly
> recent version of PHP? I have not been able to find one using the
> powers of Google.
> Not a Windows Command Prompt CLI but an actual CLI version of PHP that
> can be made to run in a real DOS environment?
> I'm sure I could find another scripting language for DOS but to
> prototype this project I'd like to not have to learn a new language as
> well. :)
> Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions.
> Matt

Uhhhhh.... No.  There's not one for the original Berkeley or AT&T UNIX,
VMS, CPM, Commodore 64, Mac OS 9 or Amiga either as far as I know.  The
DOS that ran on TRS80, concurrent DOS and Zenith DOS are right as well.

I'm sure that if you submit a feature request they would be all over it.


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