On 2 December 2011 21:00, Matt Neimeyer <m...@neimeyer.org> wrote:
> Is there (or is there a way to compile) a DOS CLI version of a fairly
> recent version of PHP? I have not been able to find one using the
> powers of Google.
> Not a Windows Command Prompt CLI but an actual CLI version of PHP that
> can be made to run in a real DOS environment?
> I'm sure I could find another scripting language for DOS but to
> prototype this project I'd like to not have to learn a new language as
> well. :)
> Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions.
> Matt

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSDOS#Versions, the last
retail version of DOS would be V6.22, though V7.1 was the last one to
be used as a Windows loader.

But I have no idea what compiler could be used. MSDOS has no built in
network support, so advanced memory management, etc. Not without
having to load additional drivers and the TCP/IP drivers for MS DOS
are not tiny. Sure, you really can (and I have) cram then into upper
memory, but it is on a motherboard by motherboard basis - one size
does not fit all.

All of these things would severely cripple PHP's usage in a true MSDOS

Add to that, the vast majority of libraries will be talking to the
windows api in some form and that doesn't exist.

You are pretty much stuck with no network services, limited memory and
restricted extensions.

Can you describe your project and to why it MUST run on such an ancient OS?

OOI, Using something like DosBox [1] can help with some development -
a DOS emulator for Windows. I use it to run REALLY old games.


[1] http://www.dosbox.com/
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