> I understand how to program radio buttons in a form that record 'instances' 
> of a response. I just was not sure how to set-up a similar matrix to allow 
> the user to enter a numerical value.


Maybe Tedd was a little curt, but the language you used just made it seem like 
you had not done enough HTML work to really be able to sort out the difference 
between HTML problems (missing pieces in your understanding), and PHP problems.

HTML forms are totally independent of what you DO with the data that gets 
submitted when the user clicks the form's submit button.  HTML lets you lay out 
the form to look however you want..  (you can use HTML's <table...>...</table> 
to achieve the visual layout you want).  PHP is needed to HANDLE the data 
(receive it from the submitting form and save it to a db).   When you say, "You 
will see that the forms are in a matrix format", and, "...[you] are not sure 
how to set-up a similar matrix..."  it sounds like an HTML problem.  If you do 
need help with HTML layout, then practice, Google, and consulting an HTML list 
will be your best bet.

Now, if you need help with writing the PHP that handles the data, then great!  
This is the right place to ask!  But we need to see code you attempted, in 
order to know your level of understanding, and so be able to guide better.

> I will follow your suggestion and submit my work.


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