On Dec 22, 2011, at 11:22 AM, Christopher Lee wrote:
> Tedd,
> I appreciate your reply to my post. In no way do I expect anyone to code for 
> me. If that were the case I would hire someone. I have posted to this list 
> numerous times and, if I am not mistaken, the list is designed to ask for 
> suggestions, which I did. Being rude does not help anyone.
> I understand how to program radio buttons in a form that record 'instances' 
> of a response. I just was not sure how to set-up a similar matrix to allow 
> the user to enter a numerical value.
> I will follow your suggestion and submit my work.
> Best,
> Christopher


My apologies if you took my comments as being rude. The point here is that if 
you want advice, then we need to see what is causing you problems. Giving us an 
outline of what you want isn't giving us anything other than "This is what I 
want" -- with an implied "Do it".

My advice, the first step will be to create a form with elements like these:


and then get it to work for you. If it fails, present it, and we'll comment.



PS: Everything you need for this first step is provided above. The next step 
will be cleaning the data and placing it into the database.

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