I've got a Dokuwiki installation that is producing Apache errors saying that the maximum execution time of 30 seconds has been exceeded.

So, I went and changed max_execution_time in php.ini expecting that this would solve the problem (which is due to large files taking a while to upload over an ADSL connection). However, the error log still reports that the old 30 second value is in use, even though Apache has been restarted.

phpinfo() for the same site reports max_execution_time as 120 seconds, so it seems as if the change to php.ini has been detected as expected. Is there another setting that I need to consider? max_input_time is already set to 60 seconds and there are no local 'php_value' Apache configuration items fighting the ones in php.ini.

PHP version is 5.3.2 and is running under a CentOS 6.0 system.

Chris Tapp


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