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>> I agree... that was just a wild idea! :)
>> Let's forget about it!
>> What's a good PHP programming editor you'd recommend on a mac for starters?
> (Remember to bottom post.)
> My favourite on the Mac is TextMate, but it's not $free. (It's also
> not expensive and just in terms of time it can save, I'd say my $40
> investment has been paid for many many times over). I also use Emacs
> with a few extra packages, notably YASnippet.el, with a whole raft of
> snippets converted from TextMate snippets, along with other pretty
> standard Emacs accelerators. I am using Emacs more than TextMate these
> days as my primary dev environment has shifted from OSX to GNU/Linux.

I want to P.S. my comment with this: You are coming from ASP to PHP.
While the languages share a lot of similar conceptual and solution
space, they don't really share that much either syntactically or
semantically beyond a few basic things. Learning to use a new language
well is really all about learning the idioms of that language, well
beyond just the syntactic elements. PHP has lots of ways to accomplish
the same thing (almost like Perl in that way...) and it really pays to
explore the rich, rich library available.

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