I don't know what all the fuss was about.  What's wrong with you
people.  That document has been there for so many years... you should
have memorized it by now!


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 7:22 AM, Daniel Brown <danbr...@php.net> wrote:
>    ALL:
>    As you may have noticed, early this morning we got bored and
> decided to delete php.net from the Internet.  After getting an
> estimated sixteen-point-four trillion complaints, we became
> overwhelmed and aggravated by your incessant need to RTFM that we
> pressed CTRL+Z and brought it back.  You're welcome.
>    In earnest, a catastrophic failure on one of our systems coincided
> with a migration effort being headed by some very talented folks.
> This led to a domino effect of issues that resulted in a temporary -
> but widespread - impact on the online version of the documentation and
> downloads.  Things are nearly back to "normal" now across the network
> --- or so it seems.  If you come across any issues on your favorite
> *.php.net mirror, please let us know at https://bugs.php.net/ or via a
> reply to this thread and we'll check it out.
>    As a result, a list of the top ten reasons PHP had an outage today:
>        10.) We installed an experimental PECL module named "Invisible Ink."
>         9.) We learned our indoor solar panels don't work when the
> lights get turned off.
>         8.) We had our mobile bandwidth slowed to a crawl because we
> exceeded 2GB for the month.
>         7.) A Groupon swarm for two free downloads for the price of
> one killed our network.
>         6.) We whited out this time to protest another
> Patriots/Giants Superbowl, while the BC Lions never even got a phone
> call.
>         5.) Our build of mod_expires runs on the Mayan calendar, and
> attempting to do a 60-day expire segfaulted.
>         4.) The $25.90 check we wrote to cover the server's AOL
> dial-up bounced.
>         3.) It's Chinese New Year, but it was too cold to set off the
> fireworks outside today, so.... sorry.
>         2.) As it turned out, all our base truly were belong to them.
>         1.) We needed 7,500,001 signatures on the petition against SOPA/PIPA.
>    Thanks to all for your patience and such.  And, of course, apologies to 
> all.
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> </Daniel P. Brown>
> Network Infrastructure Manager
> http://www.php.net/
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