Mari Masuda wrote:
For a concrete example of responsive design in action, point your browser to and then slowly make the window 
wider/skinnier to see how the design adapts to different viewport sizes.

Very nice... makes for an easy display to a wide range of circumstances I think.. especially image resizing (in the blog example), which looks pretty smooth. But, in both the examples, it appears it can produce a "choppy" user experience when resizing the window as well...

I suppose that resizing could be viewed as one of those 80/20 percent rule things.. meaning, window resizing is probably not a prevalent action for a user and it could be argued that one shouldn't code a site worrying too much about dynamic window resizing... but then there is a form of resizing, which is turning your iPAD to landscape view, etc..

I suppose one could probably still do some UA detection and serve up content based on the "type" of UA (ie. mobile, IE, game-based) and at that point, still incorporate responsive web design, but to that more-limited-category of UA's.


D Brooke

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