On Feb 6, 2012, at 4:01 PM, Stuart Dallas wrote:
> Generally speaking you're better off with a design that automatically adapts 
> to the viewport on which it's being displayed. While there's more than one 
> reason for this, the overriding reason is that the same software (i.e. the 
> same user agent) could be running on any size of device, from watch to huge 
> flat panel screen on a wall.
> I think the world needs to move on from "is it a mobile device or not" to 
> accepting the reality which is that the browser / OS is irrelevant, and that 
> the way your site renders should be purely based upon the size of the 
> display. Responsive designs such as that described in the A List Apart 
> article Mari posted are fantastic tools for achieving this goal.
> -Stuart

Agreed. Not only the size of the display -- but what's a size of a pixel?


Presentation is a difficult problem to solve, but I don't think PHP enters into 
the equation. From my view, the only thing that PHP can do is device-sniff, 
which is clearly a losing proposition.

I believe that a presentation solution will be solved by presentation languages 
(i.e, client-side).




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