On 12 Feb 2012, at 18:51, Tim Streater wrote:

> I have a function defined thus:
> function my_func (&$arg1, $arg2, $arg3, $arg4, $arg5, &$arg6)
>     {
>     // code here
>     }
> I call this with variously the first three arguments only, or all six, taking 
> care that if I call it with fewer arguments then I don't try to acces $arg4, 
> $arg5, or $arg6 (which is passed by reference, as is $arg1).
> On my first attempt to execute this, I'm getting:
>  Missing argument 4 for my_func(), called in /path/to/source/file1.php at 
> line 556 and defined
>  in /path/to/source/file2.php at line 3
> Is this because $arg6 is passed by reference? There is some reference to this 
> in the docs and the user notes but it's a little unclear. Or is there another 
> reason?

Optional arguments must be given a default value...

function my_func(&$arg1, $arg2, $arg3, $arg4 = null, $arg5 = null, &$arg6 = 

Note that passing a default value by reference was not supported prior to PHP5.

All the relevant details are here: http://php.net/functions.arguments


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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