Thanks for all the input. Yes, there are a lot of ways and means and issues that can be considered (thanks Simon), but this project will use a simple captcha, mostly because it is familiar to users and "fits" with the project. Yes, I've found some options via google, but was more inquiring to see if you all had success with certain open-source freeware scripts.

I haven't used google's version, but the problem I have with using google API's is that there can be delay's in page loading (in my experience). I don't generally like linking to 3rd party API's when I can help it.

Ashley, I've used some of your techniques before within projects where those types of things "fit". One I thought about recently is displaying an array of colors in random order and asking the submitter to choose their favorite color from the list. Perhaps not fool proof, but nice creative option.

Anyway, for this project, I think I need a familiar captcha.

Again, thanks!


D Brooke

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