On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Ashley Sheridan wrote:

I would avoid making a user type in something they see in a picture, as you've just succeeded in pissing off a bunch of blind people.

Thank you!  Glad someone pointed this out so I didn't have to.

And if you use a system like Recaptcha which has an audio option, you've still locked out deafblind users.

Also, avoid relying on javascript. It can be turned off, disabled, blocked and sometimes isn't available at all, such as with some speech/Braille browsers.

Or lynx. Yes I'm a blind person, but even a person who isn't may want to use it quickly from a shell to get something done.

One popular route is to ask a question that only a human could answer. I use this method on the contact page of my site. I just ask a question such as

Multiply the number of heads a person has by the number of legs on 2 dogs.

It's easy for a human, but requires context, something a bot can't do effectively.

Since the person was looking for a ready-made solution, I'd like to recommend TextCaptcha.com. It claims to have 180,243,205 easy questions, and even has an article on ways to avoid needing a CAPTCHA in the first place.

I once (and only once) struck a test like this on a New Zealand government website. I nearly died of shock. And I was able to use it with lynx with no problems at all.


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