>>> in fact....I really need to remove the file ( which will be created for
>>> every access - making a copy from another location ). I can't leave that
>>> file alone for ever in the user disk space! :(
>> Fine, so delete it after a period of inactivity
> ok..I have script which will run based on  some values  in "user's" homedir. 
> In fact I have tried to run the script from a various locations; but it 
> didn't work as expected like it run from each users homedir. So, when the 
> user access the page, it will copy the actual script to the user's homedir 
> and executes it. I don't want to leave it there for ever; so I have to remove 
> it from there when the user close the browser ( or after a period of in 
> activity ). But I don't know how to code it :( 

My suggestion is to sort out the real issue, rather than try to "fix it" with 
the workaround of copying that file to "each user's homedir".  It sounds like 
you are just adding unnecessary complexity to your work.  

Maybe make a new post/thread where you describe THAT issue very carefully.. and 
what you have tried that is not working the way you thought it should.  So far 
it is not clear enough to me anyway - to help.  But that could be because of my 
shortcomings more than your post's shortcoming; I am not expert on many topics 
covered on this list, especially in the area of managing your webserver.

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