ok..thanks guys...I will check further then. thanks for your inputs :)

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:59 PM, Govinda <govinda.webdnat...@gmail.com>wrote:

> >>> in fact....I really need to remove the file ( which will be created for
> >>> every access - making a copy from another location ). I can't leave
> that
> >>> file alone for ever in the user disk space! :(
> >>
> >> Fine, so delete it after a period of inactivity
> >
> > ok..I have script which will run based on  some values  in "user's"
> homedir. In fact I have tried to run the script from a various locations;
> but it didn't work as expected like it run from each users homedir. So,
> when the user access the page, it will copy the actual script to the user's
> homedir and executes it. I don't want to leave it there for ever; so I have
> to remove it from there when the user close the browser ( or after a period
> of in activity ). But I don't know how to code it :(
> My suggestion is to sort out the real issue, rather than try to "fix it"
> with the workaround of copying that file to "each user's homedir".  It
> sounds like you are just adding unnecessary complexity to your work.
> Maybe make a new post/thread where you describe THAT issue very
> carefully.. and what you have tried that is not working the way you thought
> it should.  So far it is not clear enough to me anyway - to help.  But that
> could be because of my shortcomings more than your post's shortcoming; I am
> not expert on many topics covered on this list, especially in the area of
> managing your webserver.
> -Govinda
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