> As for minifying the javascripts, it would take me another day, maybe 2, to
> build a script for that.
> And I don't think it would matter much, all the animatedJavascriptWidgets
> JS is gzipped 25kb and if I shave 5kb off that (upper estimate) then I
> don't consider that worth the effort, at this particular time. I have other
> things (content creation and compatibility) I want to get done atm.

Really? A day or two? Minifiying also tends to reduce code size by 50% or more 
depending on the author. If you only get a 25% reduction it is time to take a 
look at your coding practices.

> I wrote this library because I have been unable to find anything like it on
> the interwebs.
> I put it out for free because I think it's cool to give something back to
> the opensource community.
> But, again, I'm not interested in having my priority list hijacked by
> experts who won't bother just to give me back the fix.

Put it on Github and see how many free labor….uh, er…code fixers you can 

Giving back to the community is a great thing, it is why many expert PHP coders 
are on this list. They are already providing you with fixes that you aren't 
listening to regardless of the language that these fixes are couched in. 
Community is about give and take and you have started your foray into the 
community by disallowing take. 

Good luck!
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