Dealing RSS Version.

I am going to write an RSS parser. Its a very simple parser which just
grabs the latest items date and title. SimpleXML and DomDocument is my
friend here. The problem here is there are too many standards for RSS. RSS
2.0, 0.92 and 0.91. What do you think which version should I implement? if
its not a single version then which versions?  I am also aware about
SimplePie which I have been using a lot. Here my preference is not to load
a library like SimplePie to just grab the title and date. I just want to
use DomDocument and SimpleXML.

Content-Type header.

RSS were called RDF prior to 0.91 and currently RDF is a different
protocol. How do you detect if the content is RSS 0.90 or Modern RDF if
content-type header is 'Application/rdf+xml'. Other content type with same
meaning is 'Application/rdf' and 'text/rdf'.

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