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If I understood the problem correctly, you want to keep a single copy of
your code on every machine you work, including the final server.

Well, I want to work on 1 copy of my common code on my windows machine,
then sync those changes to all my sites (hosted on the win dev box) to see
if it messes up the other sites, then FTP those changes to my hosting
account, and run the sync script there as well.

Have you read about SVN ? You can set up a cronjob to execute it
automatically if you want, there are clients for Windows, Zend Studio, etc

I've read about some source control systems, I've tried them out, but I'd
rather go for this simpler approach tbh.
I already do regular backups that are timestamped, it's enough for me right
now I think.

No it's not. Really. For what you describe, a proper version control system is the correct tool. Rolling your own with rsync and cron is setting yourself up for failure.

A couple people here have mentioned SVN. I used to use SVN, but now have migrated everything I do to Git. Without getting into a religious battle between Git and SVN, I do strongly recommend you look into it. This is an excellent resource for why to use it and how to use it:


If you're serious about development, get serious about version control.

--Larry Garfield

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