rene7705 wrote:
Well, I want to work on 1 copy of my common code on my windows machine,
then sync those changes to all my sites (hosted on the win dev box) to see
if it messes up the other sites, then FTP those changes to my hosting
account, and run the sync script there as well.

I have a number of windows based customers who also like to review what we are doing, so I ended up with HG. TortoiseHg provides a nice gui based DVCS system interface on Windows which works identically on Linux and I can push and pull changes around the place without having to worry about anything.

The servers 'pull' a copy of the code base from a local server master, which is managed from the development environment. Config information is protected on each site, and the whole thing works identically on both windows and linux so I don't have to worry what the customers are using. THEY can work to their own site and change what we give them access to, while the core code is managed from the central repo.

If they come up with something useful it can be merged back into the master copy :) One of the few pieces of software I actually pay for is BeyondCompare which provides the same cross platform facilities for merging files and with it's built in ftp interface allows manually inspecting the file structure on any of the machines. A couple of my Mac based customers are now investigating the same development base.

Add Eclipse/PHPEclipse on top and you have the ultimate cross platform IDE :)

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