I've been using Google Analytics, and I'm sure I'm using the analytics
code correctly, but when I checked my dev server's apache access logs
(dozens of hits per day) against what Google Analytics reports (zip,
zero, nada), I realized I needed something different. BTW, I'm not the
only one to report this problem

I thought of rolling something of my own, a PHP-MySQL based
access+error log, add a viewer for it (http://dygraphs.com/ perhaps),
and spend the next month perfecting it..
But before I start coding, I thought it would be better to ask you all
what you use to see who's visiting your sites and when.
Oh, I need something that will work on shared hosting (php+mysql).

Thanks for your input.

(and purists; I couldn't think of a better place to post this, as this
is a large community of web developers who use the same language as I
do. I may even end up writing an opensourced php logging facility for

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