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>rene7705 wrote:
>> But before I start coding, I thought it would be better to ask you
>> what you use to see who's visiting your sites and when.
>> Oh, I need something that will work on shared hosting (php+mysql).
>piwik ...
>A couple of my heavy google users are finding the results much more
>and we have started switch google analytics off on all the sites.
>( And while it says PHP MySQL I'm using it quite happily on Firebird :)
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Google analytics only tracks when javascript is enabled, so that could account 
for some of the discrepencies. It also uses cookies, which now have to be 
legally opted in by the user in the EU (unless they're vital to the 
functionality of the site, such as for shopping carts, etc)

I've rolled my own for these reasons. It's not perfect, but it does a pretty 
good job at tracking browsers and bits alike. I use the IP to track individual 
users; its not wholly accurate (people can share the IP in a given day), but it 
does the trick.

The key is using images to track. If javascript is enabled it can add extra 
info to the url. Obviously it won't work with images turned off, so I'll need 
to look at that soon too.


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