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Hi ,

I have a query w.r.t. mail() function in php.

I have hosted my site and i have created an email account as well.

when i am sending mail to different recipient from my php script using above
function it is getting delivered to respective recipients as expected.

However if I want to see those mail in the sent folder of my email account ,
i can not see those mails there.

How can I achieve this.

Any suggestions.



You can change the settings of sendmail

You can log text or database each email.
$query = "INSERT INTO mail_log (`subject`,`to`,`from`,`message`,`mail_date`)
values ('".mysql_real_escape_string( $subject )."',
'".mysql_real_escape_string( $to )."', '".mysql_real_escape_string( $from
)."', '".mysql_real_escape_string( $message )."', '".date("Y-m-d H:i:s")."')

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