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> On 23-05-2012 06:12, Ashwani Kesharwani wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> I have a query w.r.t. mail() function in php.
>> I have hosted my site and i have created an email account as well.
>> when i am sending mail to different recipient from my php script using
>> above function it is getting delivered to respective recipients as
>> expected.
>> However if I want to see those mail in the sent folder of my email account
>> , i can not see those mails there.
>> How can I achieve this.
>> Any suggestions.
>> Regards
>> Ashwani
> Simply put: the email account you have created is being ignored by the
> mail() function.
> It doesn't matter if you created an email account or not; if I wanted to,
> I could make mail() send emails from presid...@whitehouse.gov or from
> kofi.an...@un.org. The mails would never appear in their outboxes, simply
> because an outbox or sent mail folder is a local copy of your mail, made by
> the mail client. It has nothing, intrinsically, to do with emailing anyone.
> If I try email someone, this happens:
> 1. I load my mail client
> 2. I type my mail and press send
> 3. My mail client stores a copy of this mail in the sent folder
> 4. My mail client contacts the server, and tells it that it has a mail
> from me, to a certain adress, and then hands it over.
> 5. My mail client tells me "mail sent successfully"
> If I use PHP's mail function, the following happens:
> 1. The PHP script is ran
> 2. The mail() function is invoked with the email message to send as a
> string
> 3. The mail() function starts up a local program called sendmail (or a
> program which does roughly the same thing), which it then gives the entire
> message to send to.
> 4. sendmail contacts the server, and tells it that it has a mail from me,
> to a certain adress, and then hands it over.
> 5. the mail() function says "mail sent succesfully"
> So, as you can see, the storage of the email in the sent box has nothing
> to do with actual sending of the mail, but purely with the use of your mail
> client, which PHP does not use (obviously). If you really do want to store
> the email, you'll have to do it yourself. "admin" (which is an annoying
> nickname on the internet! Please change it!) has already showed you a few
> ways to do so.

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