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> It would be an interesting survey to ask programmers to review their code and
> provide the average number of lines in their functions AND how many lines of
> code their monitor's can display. In other words, look at your editor; count 
> the
> number of lines your monitor can display; estimate the number of lines in your
> average function; and report the findings.  For example, mine is about half --
> my monitor can display 55 lines of code and my average function is around 25
> lines. YMMV.
> Interesting, yes?
> Cheers,
> tedd
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My monitor can also display about 55 lines of code, my functions are, on
average, just a few lines of code though -- a maximum of about 20, with
an average of around 5 or so.

This is because the rule of thumb I follow is that a function should do
one thing, and should be named well. The biggest downside to the type of
style I have is that if not done "correctly", people can feel like
they're swimming in a sea of chasing down functions to find out wtf is
going on. When done "correctly", it leads to pretty clear code, IMO.

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